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Classes resume Tuesday, September 6th. 

Studio security: much attention has been given to the safety of students and parents of PGDC. Security cameras have been installed around the entire building, inside and out! New locks have been installed security lighting has been improved in case of power outages.


In addition, ONLY dancers will be allowed in the building during dance classes- with the exception of Baby Combo Classes (once these little dancers are comfortable in their class, parents will be asked to exit the building as well.) 

If personal business needs to be handled, parents may enter and leave quickly once business is completed. After dark, the front studio will be locked only a phone call to the office (225-664-2090) will allow entry. I'm sure you understand our concerns! 

Studio Parking Pick-Up: Please pull all the way up in parking spots, especially if you drive a large truck or SUV. NEVER park in the turn around! Please drive very slowly. NEVER ALLOW YOUR YOUNG CHILDREN TO WALK OR PLAY IN PARKING LOT UNATTENDED. 

Studio Costume Fundraiser: (begins first week of dance) Each year our studio has a fundraiser to help pay for costumes. This fundraiser does not fund the studio in any way- 40% of the total profit goes back into students accounts to help pay for YOUR costumes. It is not mandatory to participate. Please note deadline date to return orders-- September 23rd!

Dance School Etiquette: Parents- in order to fully utilize our class time, please make sure your little dancer has taken care of their bathroom needs prior to attending class. Any medical issues must be brought to our attention; please let us know so accommodations can be made. NO drinks or snacks allowed in studio if dancers are in the studio for less than 2 hours. ONLY WATER BOTTLES (with closing caps) for students dancing for several hours in a day! 

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