Dance Attire


  • Black Leotard

  • Pink Tights

  • Ballet Shoes - pink, split-sole (ties cut and tucked)

  • Hair bunned, pulled out of face

Jazz/Leaps & Turns/ Lyrical/Musical Theater/ Flexibility/Strength & Conditioning

  • Black Leotard - older kids can wear black dance top

  • Tights option if black hot shorts/leggings are worn

  • Jazz Shoes 

  • Hair bunned, pulled out of face


  • Black Leotard

  • Tights optional if hot shorts are worn

  • Tap shoes 

  • Hair bunned, pulled out of face

Hip Hop

  • Dance Hip Hop Wear

  • Sneakers

  • Hair pulled back out of face

***These items can be purchased at one of several dance shops in the area.  Please have a dance bag to carry shoes and have all items properly identified (write dancer's name in all items).  Please refrain from wearing dance shoes outside the studio.  


During the dance year, there will be several Fashion Leotard weeks to dress in dancewear of the students choosing.