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AWARDS 2023-2024
IAX - Immerse Artists Experience 

Captivating Musical Theater Artist Scholarship- Victoria Sharp

LADM Fall Intensive

Faculty Choice in Musical Theater- Presley Ebarb

Louisiana Association of Dance Masters

Teen Miss Dance of Louisiana- Julianne Sharp

First Runner Up Teen Miss Dance of Louisiana - Sara Hamilton

Second Runner Up Petite Miss Dance of Louisiana - Adalynn Doiron

Sara LADM - Copy.png

STREETZ Elite Finalist- Sofia Phillips & Mercedes Faust 

Class Scholarship- Sofia Philips & Mercedes Faust

1st Place Jazz Funk - Avery Wells 


Special Awards: 

“Lovely, Lovely, Lyrical” - Adalynn Doiron

Heart of Gold Award- Maggie Camp

"Fearless"- Addie Kern

"Truly Committed"- Alyssa Morse

"Quality of Movement"- Sara Hamilton

"Perform Your Face Off"- Madalyn Waymire

"What We All Needed"- Cara Thomason

"Dynamic Duet"- Cosmic Invasion (Addie Kern & Carley Taylor)

"Cotton Candy Sweet" - Moments

“Absolutely”- Trouble 

Judges Choice - Trouble

Eminence Award - Phyllis Guy Dance Center


Mini Competitive Solo Overalls: 

2nd Overall - Ava Grace Holland 

5th Overall - Maggie Camp

Junior Competitive Solo Overalls: 

3rd Overall - Addie Kern

4th Overall - Carley Taylor

Teen Competitive Solo Overalls: 

3rd Overall - Sara Hamilton

7th Overall - Sofia Phillips

14th Overall - Madalyn Waymire

Senior Competitive Solo Overalls: 

2nd Overall - Cara Thomason

7th Overall - Alyssa Morse

13th Overall - Victoria Sharp

Mini Competitive Overalls: 

3rd Overall Mini Group - Moments

3rd Overall Mini Line - Will of Oz

4th Overall Mini Line - English Garden

Junior Competitive Overalls:

1st Overall Junior Duo/Trio - Cosmic Invasion (Addie Kern & Carley Taylor)

1st Overall Junior Group - Jet Set

1st Overall Junior Super Production - Gaga

Teen Competitive Overalls: 

2nd Overall Teen Duo/Trio - I Can't Do It Alone (Victoria & Julianne Sharp)

3rd Overall Teen Duo/Trio - Otherside (Julianne Sharp & Sofia Phillips)

4th Overall Teen Duo/Trio - Standing With You (Elisa Benavides & Presley Ebarb)


3rd Overall Teen Group - Trouble

3rd Overall Teen Line - Muddy Waters 

5th Overall Teen Line - Maneater

1st Overall Teen Production - I'm Still Standing

Senior Competitive Overalls: 

5th Overall Senior Duo/Trio - Wherever I Go (Cara Thomason & Sara Hamilton)


Dupree Half Scholarships: 

Adalynn D.

Cassidy M. 

Alivia S.

Jadyn K.

McKenly L. 

Claire L.

Carley T.

Elisa B. 

Julianne S.

Dupree Full Scholarships: 

Addie K. 

Averi D. 

Presley E. 

Sara H. 

Victoria S. 

Cara T. 


Marcea Standout Dancer of the Weekend: 

Junior Room - Claire L. 

Teen Room - Sofia P.


Tap on Location: 

Sara H. 

Cara T. 


AMDA Scholarship: 

Victoria S. 

Cara T. 


Hubbard Street Scholarship: 

Cara T. 

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